Season 2 Episode 13


We’re celebrating on this episode!  As of Episode 13 we’ve had 1.5 million combined views of Northwest Wine Night since the show premiered in early 2012.  Thank you so much for your support, and we’re celebrating this milestone with two sparkling wines and two delicious Merlots.   In Episode 13, we  “Cork Local” with:


2009 Sparkling Wine – Kramer Vineyards, Gaston OR
20xx Sparkling Wine – Treveri Cellars, Wapato WA  (vintage not listed)
2009 Merlot – Girly Girl Wines, Zillah WA
2008 Merlot – Tamarack Cellars, Walla Walla WA


Again, we remind you that you’re one-up on the panelists, who only know the types of wine.  We don’t tell them the vintage or the names until after they’ve tasted them and picked a favorite!


In Episode 13, host Brian Calvert is joined by regular panelists Marina Rockinger of Star 101.5 and Mark Christopher of Warm 106.9.   Also with us is friend of the show Arik Korman with The Bob Rivers Show, and making his second-ever appearance on Northwest Wine Night, Mr. David LeClaire.  David owns Wine World and Spirits…a locally owned store featuring featuring one of the largest selections of local wine we’ve ever seen!


Speaking of Wine World & Spirits, that’s where we are for this episode.  The store is in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood, just off I-5.  Once you see this episode you’ll understand why this store…with all it’s local product…is a perfect fit for Northwest Wine Night.


Thanks for watching Northwest Wine Night, and please share our show with your wine-drinking friends.  We release a new episode on our website every other Thursday:  Our next episode premieres right here Thursday, May 2nd.




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